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Welcome to another exciting season of Terrace Park Baseball!  This on-line registration system will be used to register your son or daughter for Terrace Park Baseball for the spring/summer of 2020 AND to register any interest in being a coach or umpire.  Please fully complete all sections of the form.
Registrations will be accepted between February 5th, 2020 and March 7th, 2020.  After March 7th, 2020, a $10.00 late fee will be added to the registration fee and the player will only be added if room allows.  No further registrations will be accepted after March 14th, 2020.
Terrace Park participates in the Greater Cincinnati Knothole Association (GCKA) and sponsors teams from ages 4-18.  The Terrace Park Recreation Commission (TPRC) and its board members organize this activity for the pleasure of our community and children.  Terrace Park baseball coaches are volunteers and are essential to the success of our recreational program.  Volunteers are currently needed to serve as head and assistant coaches at all age levels.  Interested parents are encouraged to volunteer.
The number of teams at each age level and the team roster will be determined by the number of players registered in the program.  It is the goal of TPRC to have 12 players per team, have teams balanced in skill levels, and have kids play at their own age level.  The Baseball Commissioners reserve the right to move players into different age levels in order to balance teams as required.
Pre Kindergartners participate in our mini T-ball program.  These games take place only in Terrace Park against other TP teams.
The following age groups compete against other communities in the Knothole League:
·         Kindergartners play Tee Ball.
·         1st Graders play Coach Pitch. 
·         2nd Graders -- 8(U) -- D Jr.
·         3rd Graders -- 9(U) -- D Sr.
·         4th Graders -- 10(U) -- C Jr.
·         5th Graders -- 11(U) -- C Sr.
·         6th Graders -- 12(U) -- B Jr.
·         7th Graders -- 13(U) --B Sr.
·         8th Graders -- 14(U) -- A Jr.
Each team starting in 1st grade will play a 10-12 game regular season schedule.  In addition, GCKA offers a Knothole Select Traveling league which offers additional games concurrent to the regular season.  The decision to play in the Traveling league is at the discretion of each team and their head coach.

Each team starting in 2nd grade is eligible to participate in the end of season tournaments.  Teams qualify by their performance in the regular season or winning the District 4 end of season tournament.  For those teams qualifying, the Knothole City Tournament is conducted beginning in early July.  The decision to play in the end of season tournaments is at the discretion of each team and their head coach.

For baseball players who also play lacrosse, players are allowed to play both sports up through 8th grade.  Practice and game schedules will be adjusted to the best of our abilities so there is little to no conflict with lacrosse.  In the 2017 season there were only two weeks of overlap between the sports.
For Pre-Kindergarten players in the Mini-Tee division, TPRC will provide a baseball shirt and hat to each player.  The players may keep the hat and shirt at the end of the season.
For Kindergarten - 6th grade players, TPRC will supply each player a jersey, hat, and belt.  The player must provide their own RED socks.  All uniforms must be returned to TPRC at the end of the season but the players may keep their hats.
For all 7th and 8th grade players, TPRC will supply each player a personalized jersey (with their name on the back), hat, and belt.  The player must provide their own RED socks.  The players may keep both their jersey and hat.  All jerseys will be branded Mariemont Warriors Baseball.
TPRC accepts payments only via credit card.  If your situation does not allow you to either pay via credit or you wish to discuss other payment arrangements, please email Brian Bortz at   and arrangements can be made.
Any questions regarding TPRC baseball, please feel free to contact us.
Brian Bortz, Commissioner

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